What Is Java Lava?

jlJava Lava is simply an informal group of like-minded enthusiasts who enjoy climbing mountains in their spare time. Java Lava stands for the idea of bringing people together who enjoy nature, mountains and adventure.

We climb mountains for our own enjoyment – to experience the freedom of being close to nature, to be above the clouds, to explore this wonderful archipelago, and more:

Adventure – every mountain is unique; Achievement – reach the summit;  Competition – ‘bag’ the summit; Sights – views from the top, sunsets/sunrises; Companionship – philosophize atop a mountain; Meditation – on ‘the roof of the world’; Escapism – from the realities of life below; Ecology – flora and fauna; Travel – remote places/peoples, traditions/beliefs; Masochism – enjoyment of hardship.

Since its beginning, participation has been no more than a mailing list. Everybody who wishes to join is welcome. All participants, including the trip leader, pay their own way at cost for each trip.