Gunung Sindoro (3,150 m) is the northern twin of Sumbing (3,371 m) separated by the Kledung Pass (1,404m). Both can be climbed from Kledung village. Hotel Kledung Pass is a convenient place to stay. As with Sumbing, the summit of Sindoro offers spectacular views of mountains in Central Java. Sindoro overlooks the nearby Dieng Plateau and the north coast of Java beyond.

This profile should be read in conjunction with Gunung Sumbing. With an extra day after climbing Sumbing, Sindoro can be climbed by the shorter Sigedang route leaving time to return to Semarang for a late evening flight home.

The ‘classical’ route from Kledung Pass, on the southern side of the mountain, starts at 1,654 m. With a vertical ascent of about 1,500 m, this route would take about six hours. But as an ‘add-on’ to Sumbing, we recommend the much shorter Sigedang route on the northern side.

Early departure from Hotel Kledung Pass by car and drive to Basecamp Sigedang (about one hour).  Purchase tickets and arrange for a guide here. (Hotel Kledung Pass may be able to make arrangements in advance.) Drive-up through the tea plantations to Kebun Teh Pos III, a tea weighing station (at about 2,000 m plus) from where the trail begins. The vertical ascent is less than 1,000 m and takes around three hours. (We took 2:30 hours in 2015. These altitudes and times need checking if someone has a GPS.)

Assume four hours plus to return to Semarang for a late evening plane. Plan your start time in the morning accordingly.

Sindoro erupted in 1971 and has been active 2011-14. Much fumarole activity can be expected – stay upwind of fumes. Gunung Bagging informs that much of the crater rim is of a very similar height. It takes only 30 minutes to circuit the crater rim so baggers don’t need to worry too much about missing the very highest point if they’ve had a wander around the crater edge! The edelweiss-covered summit area is very large and flat and the mountain apparently takes its name from the fragrant scent of the Edelweiss flowers.

Acknowledgments to Gunung Bagging