Indemnity Statement

“Java Lava is an informal group of individuals who enjoy hiking in the mountains of Indonesia. By joining a Java Lava trip, I understand and explicitly agree without any reservation that this trip is planned, arranged and carried out on a voluntary, non-profit basis. This statement is irrevocable.

Java Lava, including but not limited to the leader of a trip, shall in no way be held liable for any and all direct and indirect or consequential damages, losses, expenses in relation to the participant’s property and/or body for whatsoever reason as the result of his/her participation in the trip irrespective of who has or may have caused any claim by the participant. This includes any form of negligence by Java Lava.

The organizers shall be irrevocably indemnified as well as saved and held harmless by me in any jurisdiction against any or all of the above that may arise from the fact that they planned, arranged and carried out this trip.

My participation in this trip is on my own volition. I have read and understood the information in the Java Lava website including but not limited to the section on Safety on Mountains and accept the risks and consequences of my participation.”