Registering for a Trip


Now that you have registered with Java Lava, you will receive an email announcing a given trip – usually about one month in advance.

Profiles of some ‘Popular Java Lava Trips’ are listed in the right-hand side bar of the website. These profiles are indicative only and intended to provide you with sufficient information for deciding whether or not to join a trip.

Should I join a Java Lava Climb? The decision to join a Java Lava trip is entirely up to each and every individual. Java Lava does not scrutinise applicants but is always willing to provide advice. It is the responsibility of every participant to ensure that they are sufficiently fit and properly equipped.

Each and every participant is required to sign an Indemnity Statement prior to each Java Lava activity. Java Lava may refuse you access to further Java Lava activities if you negligently or deliberately disregarded any of the advice regarding Safety on Mountains and other advise contained in this website.

At this point, you should register your interest in joining the trip. The ‘Latest News’ block on the homepage will inform when a trip is now ‘open’ for registration.

 A more detailed Circular will be sent to those who register for a trip.  This note provides a description of the main challenges, transport arrangements, accommodation, advice on gear, availability of water, etc., and should enable you to anticipate the required level of fitness, preparedness, whether children can join, etc.

Most climbs are suitable for people of average fitness but some can be tough. The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the climb. The decision to join a climb is entirely up to you.