Exiles – Operational Procedures

Java Lava Exiles is an integral part of Java Lava and its mailing list. Everyone on the Java Lava mailing list receives the annual Exile trip announcement as well a regular Java Lava (Indonesia) trip announcements, if they elect to.

Some Exiles may not wish to receive these regular Java Lava (Indonesia) announcements. In this case, you should contact the webmaster, nhbhughes@gmail.com, who will ensure that your name is maintained in a separate list with Exiles’ Chairman, Karl-Heinz Waescher kh.waescher@gmx.net. You will then be informed separately of Exile trips.

Java Lava Exiles arranges its trips completely independently of Java Lava (Indonesia). The annual Exile trip is usually in the last week of June, and announced as early in the year as possible so that hotel bookings, which fill up quickly during the summer, can be made early. Announcements advise people to contact the Exiles’ Chairman for further arrangements. Exiles make their own way to the location and pay their own way.

Exile leaders will have checked out the site in advance and mapped out a series of walks ranging from the easy, for the aged and decrepit, to the tough, for those who still have the stamina. But, after each day’s walk, everyone meets again at the hotel and recounts their times climbing mountains in Indonesia. This is what the Exiles is all about!