Java Lava in Exile


Java Lava Exiles – Bulgaria

Sunday 23 – Saturday 29, June 2019


Dear Java Lavas,

Based on our discussions in Madeira 2018, we have chosen the RILA mountains in BULGARIA for our Exiles’ outing in 2019. The Rila mountains provide excellent options for mountain hiking.

The outing will take place from Sunday, 23rd (arrival) – Saturday 29th (departure) of June 2019. Our location will be the small mountain village of Borovets, situated just at the bottom of the mountain slopes.

Our hotel is the Hotel Rila****, Borovets, Bulgaria ( It is designed in a modern alpine-style ambience. We have got rates of Euro 76,50 for a double room (2 adults)/night and Euro 54,50 for a single room (1 adult) /night (including breakfast, dinner on a buffet, complimentary use of indoor swimming pool & Jacuzzi, free wi-fi and outdoor parking).

  • Please send your request for registration & hotel reservation to my e-mail address until 31st of January 2019 at the latest. I need to know whether you wish a Single or Double room, your name/s and the exact dates of your stay. I will coordinate the room booking with the hotel.

Note: As always, by your request and by joining this Java Lava trip each participant agrees with the Java Lava Indemnity Statement which is published on the Java Lava web site (


Journey: There are frequent flights from European airports to Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Borovets/the hotel is just 70 km away from the airport. You may rent a car, as we need cars to get to the hiking trails, although some hikes can start at the hotel. Also, you may consider visiting other places in Bulgaria, such as Sofia town & area, the Rila monastery, the Pirin mountains, etc.

Selamat tahun baru & Selamat jalan kaki 2!

The Honorary Chairmen

The late Rob Valkhoff, Herbert Motz, Karl-Heinz Wäscher


A question we often hear is “what is the difference between Java Lava and Java Lava in Exile?” The answer is “SOME”.

The Exiles explore once a year a different mountain area, mostly somewhere in Europe, for about a week. So they experience less volcano rubble but they might even step in snowfields. They don’t overnight in tents under the Southern Cross but sleep under the stars of comfortable hotels, pyjamas can be used instead of sleeping bags. They do not drink Bintang but unknown local beer or try even Schnaps. They are not supported by porters, Jenny will not book the flights and not collect money, an early bird would not knock at your door to get up.

Instead, the Exiles like to rely more on themselves. They come together, not just to hike, but to meet old or young friends, tell tales, and may even enjoy some entertainment between the hikes. They are very open but do not disclose the hiking agenda in advance. However, they can be confident that proposals for hiking trips are prepared. Maybe they split even into several groups that head to different places. Sure, they will meet again at the dinner table …