About Us

jlWhat is Java Lava?

Java Lava is simply a group of like-minded enthusiasts who enjoy climbing mountains in their spare time. Java Lava stands for the idea of bringing people together who enjoy nature, mountains and adventure. (read more)

 What Does Java Lava Do?

Java Lava trips involve treks/climbs of varying degrees of difficulty and duration – from one-day family walks to extended treks of 10-12 days. Most trips are 3-4 days often camping on a mountain for one or occasionally two nights. Guides are hired to organise the climb and porters to carry rucksacks. Climbers carry their own day packs containing food, water and survival gear.  (read more)

 Origins of Java Lava

The origins of Java Lava date back to the early 1980s when several expats, mainly in the oil industry, organized some summit climbs. One of the founders was Andy Wight who claims to have coined the name ‘Java Lava’. The first trip went by train to Solo to climb Gunung Merapi. (read more)