Operating Procedures

General Inquiresnhbhughes@gmail.com for general questions about Java Lava, its annual program, trips, etc. Specific inquiries regarding individual trips will be referred to the trip leader when the trip has been announced.

Trip Arrangements: trip leader or jennydewijani@yahoo.com for operational matters; such as flights, local transport, hotels, porters, payments, etc.

Java Lava Annual Program: An annual program is posted on the Java Lava website towards the end of each year. The program normally includes about one trek each month during the drier month in Java, about March-October. Occasionally, extended trips to more remote areas of Indonesia are included in the program. (read more)

Registering for a Trip

All persons on the mailing list will receive an email announcing a given climb – usually about one month in advance. An Information Note about the climb is then sent to those who express interest. (read more)

Arrangements for a Climb

This section outlines how climbs are arranged: air travel, local transport and accommodation, guides, porters, and, importantly, financial arrangements. (read more)

Check List of Gear for Camping Trips

It is important that you have good quality gear for your own comfort and safety. Sound footwear is essential. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they have everything they need. Java Lava does not provide gear. (read more)

Indemnity Statement

Java Lava is an informal group of individuals who enjoy hiking in the mountains of Indonesia. By joining a Java Lava trip, I understand and explicitly agree without any reservation that this trip is planned, arranged and carried out on a voluntary, non-profit basis. This statement is irrevocable. (read more)