Safety on Mountains


Please read this section carefully before applying to join a Java Lava trip. Participants are required to sign an Indemnity Statement that, inter alia, states that they have read and understood this section on Safety on Mountains.

Mountains can be Dangerous Places

The weather can be extreme and unpredictable, the terrain challenging, the altitude can affect your ability to cope, and it’s easy to become lost. And sometimes volcanoes erupt unexpectedly. Be prepared for the worst even in the dry season. Being lost on a mountain at night during a rain storm can be life threatening.  (read more)

Treat Volcanoes with Respect

This section provides advice about climbing mountains in general and volcanoes in particular. If dangers are encountered, follow the advice of the leader/guides and use lots of common sense. (read more)

Essential Survival Gear

 must carry the following items in his/her own day pack at all times: Personal identification: passport/KITAS/KTP/etc., emergency contacts, travel/medical insurance, etc. (in water-tight packet and accessible to others in the event of an emergency). (read more)

Trekking/Camping Tips

This advice is intended to make your trek as easy and pleasant as possible. Remember: you must be completely self-sufficient on a climb – you must not rely upon others to share water, food, camping gear, tent space, cooking facilities, etc. But, sharing a sip of whisky at the summit is always a welcome gesture! (read more)

Lost on a Mountain

You are more likely to become lost on the descent. You are walking faster and looking for foot placements and you are tired paying less attention to the track ahead. (read more)

Responsible Trekking

Java Lava always seeks to set an example for responsible hiking. Respect for the environment: Mountains are fragile ecosystems and the last bastions of relatively pristine nature in much of Indonesia. But this is changing with increasing pressure on land for agriculture. (read more)

Should I Join a Java Lava Climb?

The decision to join a Java Lava trip is entirely up to you. Java Lava does not ‘screen’ applicants but is always willing to provide advice. It is the responsibility of every participant to ensure that he/she is sufficiently fit and properly equipped, and has read and understood the advice contained in Safety on Mountains and other pages of this website.

Java Lava may refuse you access to further Java Lava activities if you negligently or deliberately disregard any of this advice.