Five”L” words you must know (as per dictionary):

  • LETIH         tired, weary, exhausted, overly tired
  • LEMAR       weak, feeble
  • LELAH        tired, weary, exhausted, worn out
  • LESU            sluggish, no energy, weak from lack of food/sleep
  • LOYO           sickened – finished, f..ked

Java Lava Juice – Bier Bintang


The Rolf Zimmerli Doctrine

Rolf Zimmerli, a Swiss national, was a founding member of Java Lava in 1983. As a very experienced climber of the Swiss Alps, he taught us that it is permissible to pass wind (kentut) when climbing in the mountains – he did this all the time. Terrible smells and huge rumblings were with us during those years. Everyone tried to avoid trekking behind Rolf. But Rolf was a perfect gentleman and had a wonderful Pavarotti-style singing voice. After each kentut he would sing, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose-garden.” So, for Java Lava youngsters, it makes trekking so much more pleasant and relaxing if you can kentut freely and without embarrassment. But, remember, you are expected to sing a song after each kentut!

Contributed by Rob Valkhoff, founding member of Java Lava