Check List Of Gear


It is important that you have good quality gear for your own comfort and safety. Sound footwear is essential. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they have everything they need. Java Lava does not provide gear. 

Food and Water: the Information Note usually indicates the number of meals on the mountain for you to plan your food accordingly. Likewise, the Note will provide an indication of whether potable water is available on a mountain and how much water you should carry. Bottled water can usually be purchased near the start of the climb.

Basic Gear for a Camping Trip:

  • large back pack (for the porter to carry your gear)

  • tent

  • sleeping mat

  • sleeping bag (temperatures can go below zero)

  • camping stove (note: inflammable fuels may not be carried on planes; naphtha blocks are practical; butane canisters are usually available locally in Indomaret/Alphamart stores)

  • pot, pan, plate, mug, spoon, fork, knife

  • long pants and spare socks

  • plastic bag for garbage

  • thermal underwear

  • sandals/thongs